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Get Packed presents their range of Glue Guns, which features six different types that are applicable for a variety of light and heavy duty purposes.

Glue guns can be used for product assemblies, packaging, sealing, electrical potting and encapsulating.

Get Packed Glue Guns range includes:

  • The TEC250 Glue Gun is suited to uses where small quantities of glue are required in product assembly and general use. It has a high quality self regulating heater control and designed for years of trouble free service.
  • The TEC700 Glue Gun has been designed for continuous operation and heavy duty use. It has a highly efficient melt chamber with a powerful 300W stainless steel cartridge heater which will ensure an output of 2 Kilos of molten adhesive per hour.
  • The TEC901 Glue Gun has been built for heavy duty use but with the added advantage of an adjustable temperature control. This enables this glue gun to use all types of hot melt adhesive, including low melt, standard EVA and high temperature polyamides.
  • The TEC3200 Glue Gun allows for high output as it is loaded with two 43mm glue cartridges. It will never run out of adhesive as one always remains in the gun ready to go at the right temperature.
  • The TEC6100 Glue Gun offers a rugged and reliable production tool with 500watt power. It uses a 43mm glue cartridge and reloads within seconds.
  • The TEC6300 Glue Gun uses a spray applicator to apply adhesive. This gun is totally self contained only requiring compressed air and electricity to operate.

Get Packed also supplies a range of hot melt adhesives that matches each glue gun.

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