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Get Packed's gaffer tapes suitable for manufacturing packaging needs

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article image Get Packed's Gaffa tape for a variety of needs including labelling, sealing and packaging

Get Packed's  gaffer tapes are made out of heavy duty cloth that is made specifically for strength, durability and conformability.  

The company provides a range of gaffer tapes, suited to a variety of purposes including for various labelling, sealing and packaging purposes. The tapes are made for strong adhesion needs and retains flexibility in high and low temperatures.

Types of gaffer tapes from Get Packed: 

NASHUA 357 gaffer tape

  • preferred by the professionals: this tape has a proven reputation for reliability under difficult and tough conditions
  • available colours: black, silver, white and olive drab

STYLUS 352 consol tape

  • aggressive natural rubber solvent adhesive 
  • suited for console labelling, film tin sealing and stage mark up
  • colours available: black, silver, red, white, blue, green, yellow, brown and beige

NASHUA 510 matte gaffer tape 

  • suitable for use on photographic, stage and film sets that require no light reflection
  • suited for temporary outdoor repairs due to its water and UV resistant construction
  • size: 48mm x 27.5m
  • colour: black matte finish

STYLUS 720 double-sided gaffer cloth tape

  • premium grade gaffer cloth coated with an aggressive natural rubber solvent adhesive
  • suited for the temporary fixing of carpet and various substrates
  • tape removes cleanly and can be torn by hand

STYLUS 210 hazard gaffer tape

  • industrial grade
  • cloth coated with a very aggressive hi-tack rubber adhesive
  • ideally suited for asbestos removal industry and applications that require an instant stick
  • colours: black, silver, red, white, blue and yellow

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