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Get Packed stocks a range of hand held and machine strapping

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article image Get Packed's polypropylene strapping is embossed to prevent the slipping of seals and buckles

Get Packed supplies rolls of strapping for use with hand tensioners and crimpers as well as for use with strapping machines.

To suit all strapping machines, the company supplies plastic (polypropylene) machine strapping in an automatic grade. It has very small variations in width and curvature so that it travels through the semi and automatic strapping machines smoothly.

It is available in both white and blue strap and has a breaking strain of 100kg-120kg. The most common size is 12mm x 3000m.

For hand held applications, Get Packed supplies strapping in plastic (polypropylene), steel and polyester. Each of these types of strapping is available in 12mm, 15mm and 19mm.

The plastic strapping is embossed to prevent slipping of the seals and buckles with the 15mm and 19mm coming in a heavy band to provide for a much greater breaking strain.

Steel strapping comes in either a ribbon (RIB) form (which is small hand rolls) or ROPE form – which are longer industrial rolls.

Get Packed's polyester strapping comes in various thicknesses and is available in both embossed and smooth. This variety can also be used with the company's range of Zapak hand held battery operated or pneumatic strapping tools.

Get Packed also supply a large range of strapping machines for use with the machine strapping as well as all the buckles, seals, crimpers and tensioners that are used with the hand held strapping.

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