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Get Packed’s tips for operating a strapping machine

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article image Strapping machine for securing pallets

Get Packed  provide tips for operating a strapping machine, which is necessary for those who have to secure pallets or loads.

Transporting products in bulk can be made easier if the products are strapped together as it allows for the bundles to be transported without falling off the pallet and for more of the product to be transported at the same time. This can save time, manpower and freight charges as well.

The strapping machines available from Get Packed ranges from hand held battery operated strapping machines, to semi automatic strapping machines, automatic strapping machines, side seal models, pallet strapping machines through to large automatic machines that fit into production lines.

The strapping machine can be chosen depending on the shape and size of the item to be strapped, the volume of items to be strapped and the budget.

Using a strapping machine for the first time can be daunting, and getting training before hand is a must as customer’s safety comes first. At Get Packed training on the use of the machine is provided by the company on purchase.

This ensures not only safety, but the optimum performance of the strapping machine.

Customers should be aware of the type of the strapping machine (semi-automatic or automatic) used by them.

If its a hand held strapping machine like the Zapak range, use of the machine is much more reliant on the holders ability than a semi automatic or automatic strapping machine.

If its a semi-automatic strapping machine, it is as simple as placing the item on the table, feed the strap over the product or box, and into the strapping head which hits a trigger and pulls the strap back in reverse. The strap is tightened, sealed and cut. Then the strap is fed readily for the next strapping.

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