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Get Packed produces a range of general packaging materials, including stock sizes of corrugate cardboard cartons, custom-made cartons and single-face rolls of corrugated cardboard. The company also produces bubble wrap with 10mm, 22mm and 32mm bubbles. Bubble wrap can be manufactured into various widths and lengths, as well as bags. Polyethylene foam wrap is also available. It is designed to protect finished surfaces from scratches and damage.

Instapak packaging foam is designed to protect your products during transport, warehousing and general handling. Its unique cushioning abilities allow you to package your product with a minimum amount of material.

The Fill-Air system quickly converts compact rolls of specially formulated tubular material into continuous, perforated chains of air-filled cushions. It is suitable for workstations or online applications and provides excellent protection and efficient void fill while reducing material and shipping costs. Cushion Mailer and Jiffy Lite bags are paper and plastic envelopes with bubble pack and Peel 'n' Seal strips for easy sealing, while Kraft paper envelopes are padded with recycled paper. The company also produces mailing tubes to protect sketches, blueprints, graphs and posters. Plastic end caps are friction-fitted to stay in during mailing. The rigid brown or white tubes resist folding or bending and can be re-used. Custom printed labels are available on rolls or sheets and the company produces self-adhesive envelopes made from polythene. They are waterproof, very adhesive and easy to use. They can be custom-printed with a company logo and address.

Markers and knives are produced in a variety of colours and types. The company also produces a range of polythene bags that can be closed off by heat sealing, taping, stapling or by quick ties. Stock sizes range from 65mm x 75mm to 460mm x 838mm. The company produces rubber bands, hot melt glue, adhesive glue dots, rubber stamps and safety signs made from coreflute, polypropylene or steel, either screen printed or with vinyl cut letters. It produces warehouse equipment including pallet jacks, ladders, trolleys and pallet cages.

Self-seal polythene bag are easy to open and close, making them a convenient and cost-effective form of packaging. A large range of sizes and with the option of personalised printing, self seal bags are a popular item in a number of applications. Stock sizes range from 38mm x 50mm to 380mm x 508mm. High quality polypropylene bags protects products while being perfect for displaying items. They can be custom made to any size with hang sells, printing and with the added benefit of an adhesive strip.

ProDri desiccants control the humidity inside a sealed area such as a shipping container by absorbing the moisture from the enclosed air. ProDri is designed to hold the moisture and not release it back into the container’s climate. The desiccants are manufactured from calcium chloride and clay minerals. The 1kg and 2kg bags are encased in a fully woven material with sewn seams to offer maximum strength and product consistency. Independent testing (at 37° 90% RH) has shown the dessicant absorbing 78% of its own weight in water without chloride migration.

Dunnage bags are inserted into void spaces inside containers, rail cars or trucks and are then inflated to the recommended level. As the bag is inflated it gently pushes the load away from itself, wedging it against the walls of the container. This creates a solid brace, stabilising the load and preventing any future movement, thus greatly reducing the risk of damage during transit.

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