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EnviroBubble Bubblewrap from Get Packed

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Get Packed  is a supplier of a line of environment-friendly bubblewrap products called EnviroBubble.

EnviroBubble is a degradable bubblewrap product that has been coloured green to distinguish it as reusable, recyclable and reducible.

EnviroBubble bubblewrap has TDPA (Totally Degradable Plastic Additives) blended into the resins during production that helps it break down after use in the presence of moisture, micro-organisms, oxygen and water.  

The bubblewrap is available in a range of roll sizes for use in industry as well as offices.

The product range includes twin skin bubblewrap, anti-static bubblewrap, Kraft paper backing bubblewrap and newsprint backing bubblewrap. EnviroBubble is also available with large profile bubbles.

Additionally, EnviroBubble bubblewrap is sold as HandyWrap bubblewrap sheets and EnviroTube bubblewrap tubes.

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