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Electronic tape dispensers available from Get Packed

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article image Get Packed's electronic tape dispensers can dispense tape in lengths from 20mm up to 999mm

Now stocked by Get Packed , electronic tape dispensers are also known as automatic definite tape dispensers, as they automatically dispense definite lengths of tape pre-programmed by the user.

Electronic or automatic definite tape dispensers advance the desired length of tape and cut the tape ready for the operator to apply. The tape dispensers dispense tape from 20mm up to 999mm at the push of a button, or can be set to automatic so that when one piece is removed another will be advanced.

They are ideal for medium to high production facilities where repetitive taping of a defined length of tape is required for use on wobblers, or point of sale material on which double sided tape is applied.

These instruments are available for trial from Get Packed, or can be rented for use on a specific job.

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