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Bubble wrap protective packaging available from Get Packed

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Bubble wrap, available from Get Packed , protects products. The bubble wrap is available in 10mm, 22mm and 32mm bubbles. Bubble wrap can be manufactured into various widths and lengths, as well as bags. Bubble wrap is a form of protective packaging. Bubble wrap is used for protecting fragile items or as a void fill to protect products. It provides a bubble cushioning or barrier of air against the vibration or impact of shipping.

Bubble wrap has three main bubble profiles or sizes which are 10mm, 20mm and 32mm to protect products and is available in rolls, sheets or bubble bags.

Get Packed have introduced the Enviro Bubble to their range of Bubble wrap products, which provides degradable air bubble cushioning. The Enviro Bubble has TDPA (Totally Degradable Plastic Additives) blended into the resins during production, which breaks down the bubble wrap after use in the presence of moisture, micro-organisms, oxygen and water.

Enviro Bubble is suitable for application, where the protection of bubble wrap is needed for a short period of time (up to a year) with the added benefit of protecting the planet as it reduces landfill and green house gas effects.

Using the same Enviro bubble properties, Get Packed also supply EnviroProtecta bags. EnviroProtecta bags are an environmentally-friendly padded mailer bag with a white plastic outer that can be labelled with markers or labels, or be custom printed with a user’s logo.

These bags open at either sides or ends, with a high slip inner for fast and easy insertion of items. EnviroProtecta bags are available with a plain white finish that can be custom printed with the customer’s company logo.

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