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Automatic form-fill-seal wrapper

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article image Digital readouts and up to 25 package parameter recipes make product changeover easy.

Get Packed has released the Shanklin Triumph automatic form-fill-seal wrapper, a midrange solution for applications that require more advanced features than an L-sealer, but do not need to be quite as complex as a high-speed automatic wrapper.

It generates product spacing on the fly from randomly presented products of either fixed or random lengths and can process up to 60 packages a minute. It uses the same right-to-left product flow direction as the L-sealer, but can be operated from either side. Digital readouts and up to 25 package parameter recipes make product changeover easy and automatic operation and a touch screen interface make it user-friendly, reducing training times.

It has controls for speed, jaw temperature, side seal temperature, stop, start, slow run, spacing, dwell and diagnostics and it can store all parameters for up to 25 product/film recipes. The controls are mounted on a swing arm, providing easy operator access. The panel also tilts for viewing angle adjustments. Loading and changeover of rolls of film is easy and a general purpose pin perforator allows easy optimising of air evacuation.

Quick-disconnect electrical sensors with LEDs make troubleshooting and maintenance easier and a recessed selvage winder carries out selvage removal within the machine. Digital adjustment indicators make manual package adjustments fast and repeatable and a swing-out electrical box provides easy access to critical areas of the machine. A light post indicator indicates important machine status (stop, ready, run mode, and need for attention).

The film threading system allows operator to slide open the infeed conveyor to access the lower portion of the inverting head. A swing-open side sealer also swings open for easy access to the sealing wires for cleaning or servicing and a selvage full or break alarms both immediately stop the machine.

The machine can handle packages between 50.8mm x 3.175mm x 76.2mm and 381mm x 127mm x 1219.2mm. It can handle a maximum film width of 533.4mm folded or 1066.8mm flat. A centrefolder is required for flat film. It can perform up to 60 jaw cycles a minute, depending on the product and application

The machine’s main drive is a 1/2 HP ac motor with an ac inverter and a variable speed drive. It accepts a 230V, 20A, one-phase power supply and requires a compressed air supply. Emergency stop features, seal jaw safety switches, protective guards and safety interlocks on all access panels help to provide safety. It comes with a two-year warranty.

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