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All-purpose shrink films

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Get Packed distributes the Opti Shrink Films range, including the Opti 200, an all-purpose, economy brand shrink film designed to help reduce packaging costs. It provides excellent gloss and sparkle as well as clarity.

Opti 110 shrink film also offers superior clarity and gloss and is designed for high-speed, high-volume applications. Its low shrink temperature minimises dog ears and ensures tight contours around products.

Opti 510 is a bi-orientated PVC film which is easy to use, easy to seal and easy to shrink on both old and new equipment. It offers high clarity and gloss and runs well on a wide range of equipment

Cortuff high-abuse shrink film matches the toughness and versatility of bulky traditional packaging media like corrugate, heavy-gauge polyethylene, skin packaging and clamshells. It provides a cost-effective packaging alternative with high impact strength that can be used as a primary shipping media and still look good to retail shoppers. Because it's also a shrink film users can automate the packaging process, increasing production rates and reducing packaging costs.

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