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All in one L-bar sealers and shrink chambers

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Get Packed has released a range of all-in-one L-bar sealers and shrink chambers that will seal and shrink PVC or Cryovac polyolefin shrink films.

The operator places the product on the package loading tray in between the two layers of centrefold film, then moves the package into the sealing area and lowers the hood. Once the hood is lowered, the operator applies pressure to makes the seal. Once the seal is made, the operator releases the hood and the automatic magnetic arm keeps the hood down until the film has shrunk. When the shrink time has finished the hood will automatically rise and the operator can remove the completed package.

The GP 3246 has sealing dimensions of 320mm x 430mm while the GP 4255 seals 420mm x 550mm, the GP 6084 seals 600mm x 840mm, the GP 12542 seals 1250mm x 420mm, the GP 12575 seals 1250mm x 750mm and the GP PP76 seals 420mm x 550mm.

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