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Consumer pressure washers from Gerni

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Gerni , a division of Nilfisk Advance Group is known for manufacturing a range of professional cleaning equipment. Pressure washers suitable for residential purposes and high pressure cleaning products are available from Gerni.

Gerni specialises in supplying high pressure washers, floor care equipment and vacuum cleaners to a range of industrial companies, agriculture and automotive industries, private consumers and cleaning contractors.

Pressure washers for cleaning both indoors and outdoors are available from Gerni. These consumer pressure washers are flexible, provide better comfort and are user friendly.

Gerni Classic, Gerni Super and Gerni Ultimate are some of the consumer pressure washers available. The Gerni Classic high pressure washers are easy to handle and are commonly used for domestic cleaning applications including cleaning of stairways, flagstones and vehicles.

These pressure washers consist of a click and clean nozzle system thus ensuring easy and quick change of nozzles and aluminium pumps. The pressure washers are lightweight and are easy to store because of its compact nature.

The Gerni Super is a mobile pressure washer and is available with an extra handle for lifting. These pressure washers from Gerni consist of a trolley for mobility purposes and also have storage options for nozzles, guns and foam sprayers.

The high pressure washers from Gerni are efficient in reducing the noise level because of the rubber suspension of the motor pumps. The Gerni ultimate pressure washers are suitable for automotive users, hobby farmers and home users. These pressure washers consist of a brass cylinder head and have accessories storage on the machines.

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