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Lovitt Technologies Australia is a provider of high-technology, precision engineering and ancilliary services to the aerospace, defence and general commercial sectors.


Supplier news
05/05/08 - George Lovitt Mfg, which is now known as Lovitt Technologies Australia, has the capabilities of assembly and finishing. Lovitt Technologies Australia offers mechanical assembly such as finished assembly, sub-assembly and KOPs, testing and surface tre
Supplier news
02/05/08 - George Lovitt Mfg has been renamed as Lovitt Technologies Australia (LTA). George Lovitt Mfg commenced its operation in the production of cutting components and tools for the automotive industry.

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George Lovitt Mfg (Head office) Update these details
207 Para Rd
VIC 3094
Tel: 03 9435 3033
Fax: 03 9434 7330

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