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Data processing from magnetic surveys by Geophysical Technology Limited

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G-tek, formed after merger of Geophysical Technology Limited and Explosives and Ammunition Technologies, has long experience in data processing from magnetic surveys in UXO-detection, minerals exploration and sub-surface mapping of environmental issues, heritage, museum objects and geotechnical properties.

Environmental issues for sub surface mapping is done for areas of data processing such as landfill extents, underground storage tanks, sub-surface drainage patterns and buried pipes. Heritage and museum objects consist of camp-sites, ancient kilns, burial pits and cultural memorabilia. Geotechnical properties include highways and large buildings.

G-tek also has widespread experience in processing Electromagnetic data for discrimination and UXO-detection and multiple parameter data. Data processing services for survey data is be provided by G-tek from surveys of G-tek and from other sources.

New staffs are thoroughly trained by G-tek in operating and in the use of equipment and safety procedures and client training packages are also provided as required. G-tek carries out customer equipment through a blend of on-site programs and structured workshops. G-tek also offers a complete training manual along with the user manuals for the equipment.

Operational procedures have been developed by G-tek through which it consistently produces better results from data processing, surveys and interpretation.

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