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Noxon iRadio, video capture cards and LCD monitors from Genesys Computers

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Noxon iRadio and Osprey video capture cards are some of the products available from Genesys Computers . The Noxon iRadio from Genesys Computers allows the user to choose songs from over 10,000 internet radio stations around the world.

The Noxon iRadio is a powerful network audio player that allows the user to enjoy the music on a hard drive anywhere in the house. These audio players are available with integrate speakers which are efficient in providing clear sound to the entire room. Active speakers or hi-fi systems can also be connected to these audio players. These audio players from Genesys Computers are also available with a headphone socket.

Osprey 100 video capture cards are used for streaming videos and are widely used in professional streaming video production facilities and corporate. These video capture cards from Genesys Computers are available with a Real network streaming media kit and Real media creation kits.

Genesys Computers also specialises in offering desktops and LCD monitors. Viewsonic LCD monitors consist of a 28 inch display screen and are available with a proprietary display technology.

The 28 inch screen of the LCD monitors with high resolution allows for broader viewing and enables the user to work in two applications side by side without toggling thus enhancing productivity. These LCD monitors are also available with ultra fast 3ms video response thus providing smooth display for watching movies.

Viewsonic VX2235WM LCD monitors are also available from Genesys Computers with ultra fast 5ms video response and provides smooth display while playing games and watching movies.

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