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Touch point sensors and milling machines from General Tools (Adelaide)

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General Tools (Adelaide)  is well established supplier of a range of products like lathes, saws, sheetmetal, rolls, milling machines, grinders, CNC, woodworking, drilling machines, punch, shears, and air compressors.

General Tools (Adelaide) supplies a range of wrenches, pliers, sockets, striking, saws, screwdrivers, pullers and electronics that are manufactured by Facom.

General Tools (Adelaide) supplies a range of measuring instruments like coolant proof digital callipers, digital vernier callipers, dial vernier callipers, vernier callipers, micrometers, digital micrometers, combination sets, machinist's levels, dial gauges dial test indicators and taoe measures.

General Tools (Adelaide) also supplies a range of CNC accessories like multilock chunks, collet chunks, angle heads, morse taper adaptors, touch point sensors, fine boring heads and a number of other accessories.

The T-Clamp multifunctional system manufactured by TaeguTec Ltd permits a host of operations like parting and grooving, external turning and grooving, precision grooving and recessing, internal turning and grooving, undercutting and recessing, face grooving and face turning.

The new generation tool holders from TaeguTec feature accurate indexing with the insert that provides exceptionally secure clamping and extended insert tool life. Solid and indexable insert carbide tooling supplied by General Tools (Adelaide) is used for a rage of applications like milling, turning, threading and drilling.

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