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Ethernet cables and UTP cables from General Cable Australia

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General Cable Australia  is a part of the USA based General Cable Corporation one of the largest manufacturers of wires in the world. General Cable Australia supplies a range of SDI cables, circular PVC cables, circular XLPE cables, building wires and multicore control cables for use in the energy industry.

The GenSpeed 6600 is a high performance category 6 UTP cable that provides best in class speeds. The GenSpeed 6600 from General Cable Australia offers the lowest insertion loss and is completely resistant to Alien Near End Crosstalk (ANEXT). The Command LINX-6 is a premium quality category 6 cable that offers high performance class E link and channel performance when used with the correct category 6 compliant hardware.

Bundled cables from General Cable Australia include both category 6 and category 5e bundled cables under an overall PVC sheath. Using these cables customers get advantages like reduction in cable related clutter and reduced installation time. These cables meet the Powersum Crosstalk requirements.

The category 5e ethernet cables from General Cable Australia are used to construct class D links and channels that support up to gigabit Ethernet 1000Basr-T networks. The Mega 5e Twistlan UTP is available in either a standard PVC sheath or in a low smoke, zero halogen, and flame retardant sheath.

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