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Small, quick, precise: New positioner GEMÜ ePOS 1435

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article image The new GEMÜ positioner can do without costly mechanical parts.

At last it is easy to make the right decision.

Very often control engineers had to ask themselves "Which control device shall I use for this particular task?" Some devices had perfect mechanicals, others were easy to set and others again had a reduced air consumption. Each had advantages and disadvantages which had to be evaluated. As a result of these practical requirements, the new GEMÜ electro-pneumatic positioner combines all these needed features. It even meets future requirements. By using a small sensor system, independent of the control housing, the new GEMÜ positioner can do without costly mechanical parts. There is no need for a reversing lever, toothed racks and gear. This also results in good cleanability as there is no contamination by ground particles and mechanical play. The requirements of GMP (good manufacturing practice) demanded in the pharmaceutical industry and the requirements of the semiconductor industry with requard to high purity are therefore fulfilled. The electro-pneumatic positioner GEMÜ ePos 1435 also complies with all requirements regarding prevention of accidents and functionality. It can be used both with small and large pneumatic actuators. Heavy and space-taking adapters are no longer necessary for mounting the device to control valves. ePos 1435 can be easily adapted to all common pneumatic valves used in process control due to its exchangeable displacement transducer weighing only 100 g. Therefore it can be kept away from dangerous zones and explosion-proof areas. The positioner is suitable for linear and quarter turn actuators. In addition mounting elements to NAMUR are integrated as standard. The housing need not be opened during initial setting. Parameterization takes place via intelligent automatic adjustments. A user-optimized menu-guidance is indicated via plain text in the LC display. Even with double acting pneumatic actuators a safety position can be selected. As well as the practical technical design, the GEMÜ 1435 positioner is also very competitively priced.

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