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Micro positioner for pneumatic linear valves

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THE new Gemu 1434 µPos electro-pneumatic positioner was specially developed for small and medium size single acting globe and diaphragm valves.

Process valve users requiring simple positioners for small pneumatic linear valves normally have to use oversized positioners with many additional unnecessary functions.

It only takes two minutes to mount, programme and commission the Gemu 1434, which has unusually small dimensions (42mm x 42mm x 95mm) enabling control valves to be installed in very restricted spaces.

As the device has no superfluous special functions but an intelligent self-calibrating electronic system, it is very user-friendly and low cost.

The positioner can also be mounted to other valve makes. When idle there is no air consumption, during operation it supplies the pneumatic valve actuators with up to 15L/min.

The device is mounted to the actuator by means of a standard thread, the pneumatic connection is via an instant air connector and the electrical connection is via a M12 screwed 5 pin standard plug.

It is operated via 24VDC power supply and the set value input signal is 4-20mA. A 24VDC input signal starts automatic initialisation. Colour LED´s clearly indicate the current device status.

The housing has an aluminium or stainless steel base and a solid high quality plastic cover.

The Gemu 1434 µPos is immediately ready for use after quick and easy mounting and automatic initialisation.

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