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Gemu’s customised, integrated multi-port valve blocks made of stainless steel

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article image Gemu P600M stainless steel multi-port valve block

Valve specialist Gemu Australia introduces a range of multi-port valve blocks made of stainless steel designed to combine various functions for the control of liquids and gases in small spaces.

The multi-port valve blocks reduce the space requirements for process plant and also increase the performance capability of system components.

Gemu has been manufacturing innovative, sterile multi-port valve blocks made of stainless steel for 20 years for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, meeting the challenges of designing creative solutions by producing complex components using state-of-the-art CNC machining centres.

Gemu produces customised valve blocks by integrating a wide range of functions including blending, splitting, diverting, draining, feeding or cleaning. Double shut-offs, cross connections, safety and control functions as well as the integration of sensors, filters and check valves are also possible. Gemu can even integrate tanks, process containers and plant housing walls as well as mounting points.

Application oriented tasks are assigned to these individual functions, such as distributing media, sampling, sterile steam or connecting cleaning media. Alternatively, they can be used to implement process engineering solutions, such as a minimum flow rate or a block and bleed safety function.

Gemu’s stainless steel valve block solutions provide a greatly simplified alternative to complex pipework with valves, fittings and sensors since the block assembly already houses all the required pipework, fittings and connections. In addition to valves, Gemu offers a comprehensive range of accessories including controllers, flow meters, stroke limiters and customised sensors that can be integrated into the multi-port valve block.

Key advantages of Gemu’s multi-port valve blocks:                       

  • Multi-functional unit
  • Integrates various sensors and instrumentation components
  • Simplified alternative to complex pipework
  • Increased plant reliability by using fewer pipes and connections
  • More space and resource saving than conventional solutions

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