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Gemu 505/555 aseptic globe valves offer clean solutions for pure steam

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article image Gemu 555 pneumatically operated
Gemu Australia  presents the new Gemu 505/555 pure steam valves designed to offer optimal processing of individual media as well as performance and maintenance advantages.

Made of high quality materials, Gemu’s new aseptic globe valves are ideal for applications in complex pure steam systems such as in the foodstuff or pharmaceutical industry where products are required to be manufactured aseptically with emphasis on the purity of the working media used during manufacture and even the quality of the steam used.

The Gemu 505 and Gemu 555 angle seat globe valves were created for pure steam shut off valves for an application at a well-known pharmaceutical company. Gemu 555, the pneumatic valve and Gemu 505, the hand-operated valve were specially developed for this application in the nominal sizes DN8 to DN80.

When the valve is manually operated, the handwheel does not rise in height, making it possible to open the valve slowly and steadily. As a result, the steam does not flow suddenly into the piping system when the valves are opened unlike 90º turn valves such as ball valves or butterfly valves. Also when compared to diaphragm valves, Gemu globe valves require significantly less maintenance, especially at the high temperatures produced by steam.

The new Gemu aseptic globe valves have been manufactured to meet the high quality and safety requirements demanded of the pure steam processes without impacting the purchase cost. Particular requirements were defined for the production process and the maintenance of these angle seat globe valves including the creation of a traceability chain for all wetted parts.

Thanks to their construction, both Gemu 555 pneumatic valves and Gemu 505 hand-operated valves provide a long service life including excellent material properties and body geometries.

Key design features of Gemu 505/555 aseptic globe valves:

  • All wetted parts made of high quality stainless steel (316L)
  • Internal valve body mechanically machined clean and externally electropolished
  • Seal materials (seat code 5P) satisfy stringent FDA requirements and tested according to USP Class VI at 121º
  • Stainless steel bellows in the actuators accomplish up to 100,000 cycle duties without problem
  • Valve plug designed without threads requires little maintenance
  • Valve plug seal made of extremely inert, acid and heat-resistant thermoplastic synthetic material (PTFE)
  • Valve plug sealed with the valve spindle and then smoothed, eliminating the usual ‘dirt pockets’
  • Traceability chain created for all wetted parts including valve bodies, retaining nut, seat, valve plug, spindle, bellows and actuator seal
  • Material test certificates in accordance with 3.1 DIN EN 10204 can be supplied with the product if required
  • Actuator change can be carried out quickly, directly on the piping, allowing cost-effective maintenance and repair work to be performed
  • Valves can be subsequently switched from manual to pneumatic operation

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