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FlexPort Globe Valves from Gemu Australia

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A specialist in valves, measurement and control systems, Gemu Australia offers a newly developed range of FlexPort globe valves for compact and flexible industrial plant design.  

Designed to save space, the new material-optimised GEMÜ FlexPort series of globe valves also reduces customer costs by up to 20% by saving both material and installation costs.  

GEMÜ FlexPort globe valves are used to plan, build and operate flexible and compact industrial plants for the generation, treatment and distribution of steam and process water, as well as heating and cooling systems.  

GEMÜ FlexPort industrial globe valves are cost-effective, lightweight and rugged while maintaining high flow rates.  

GEMÜ FlexPort Valve is the first stainless steel industrial globe valve of spherical design available in different types such as 90º angle valve, 2/2-way valve and 135º angle valve whilst retaining its basic design.  

Gemu is also committed to conserving energy, natural resources and the environment in all product lifecycle phases from development and manufacturing to further processing and shipment.

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