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Range of anti vibration grommets available from Gelmec

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Knocks, drops, engine vibrations, high and low temperature are everyday environments engineers need to cope with when designing mining equipment. .

Expensive electronics like PCBs, disk drives, on board, computers or CCTV’s are often found in mining or all-terrain vehicles. Delicate components can easily break or malfunction when subjected to extreme shock or vibration.

Standard vibration or shock mounts can help cushion or absorb unwanted mechanical energy.

When temperatures drop to minus 30 centigrade, traditional rubbers or elastomers can become hard or brittle. At low temperatures these materials can lose their natural elasticity and at worst amplify vibration or shock levels.

Similarly, if daytime vehicle temperatures soar to over 70ºc, the same material softens, unable to support the original load it was designed for. Either situation can lead to costly down-time, equipment or vehicle re-calls.

Gelmec  Australia has a new range of anti vibration grommets and fixing bolts that perform over broad temperature ranges. These are high damping thermoplastic grommets that can operate of -45ºC to +85ºC.

The grommets are ideal for shock mounting DVDs, HDDs, printed circuit boards, CCTV and other light components. The matching bolt is designed to give optimum pressure for damping performance and can screw directly into DVD’s or other pre-threaded chassis’ if needed.

With twelve grommets available, the new grommet range suits many standard component fixing methods. Outer grommet diameters are 9.5mm or 14mm and suit standard panel thicknesses from 1.0mm to 1.6mm. The grommet can simply be inserted through a mounting hole in the chassis and fixed securely with a one-piece bolt.

The M3 or UNC 6-32 fixing bolt avoids a three part assembly of washer, tube and screw. A TorX 10 fixing head make the screw tamper proof and suitable for mass production assembly.

Gelmec Australia carries a wide range of vibration mounts for electronics and precision equipment. Gelmec stocks a wide range of anti vibration shock mounts grommets, mats and sheet suitable for isolating light, fragile equipment.

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