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Gelmec introduces centrifuge mats

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Centrifuges can be particularly loud pieces of lab equipment to work alongside. Gelmec\2019s centrifuge mats can help absorb excess vibration and noise which can disturb an otherwise peaceful lab environment.

The drive motor in a centrifuge generates excess vibration which can carry as noise to the table or other supporting surfaces.

Gelmec' s centrifuge mats are designed to effectively absorb these vibrations at source, making noise levels acceptable.

Without some form of noise control, vibrating lab equipment can have noise levels over 40 dBA. High noise levels are unacceptable for staff and conflict with health and safety regulations. Excessive vibration can also cause premature failure of expensive lab equipment.

Rubber mounts or plain acoustical foams do not usually provide the necessary vibration isolation and noise control.

Gelmec\2019s centrifuge mats are widely recognised for their good damping and isolation properties. The mats are made of high damping gel which can damp a wide range of vibration frequencies.

Unlike rubber or other traditional damping materials, the gel can damp micro and low frequency vibrations.

The centrifuge mats maintain stability and flexibility over a broad temperature range and can isolate damaging vibrations and impact shock in all climate conditions.

Portable, they can provide a low cost alternative to expensive anti vibration tables.

The mats come in four load different hardness's suiting lab equipment from just two kilogram\2019s to over fifty kilogram\2019s.

Each mat is easy to cut into four and simply placed on the underside of the equipment or mounting plate. For heavy loads several mats can be used in combination.

Gelmec Australia supplies a range of anti vibration mounts and sheet solutions for lab equipment and other precision equipment.

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