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Fan mounts available from Gel-Mec Australia

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Vibration from small fans is often the dominant noise source in PCs, set-top boxes and projectors.

Vibration energy from the spinning fan blades can cause other lightweight components to vibrate as well, creating unacceptable noise levels.

A properly designed vibration mount made of a high damping material can form a resilient connection between the fan and its housing.

This stops the transfer of structural fan vibration to the chassis and enclosure panels. Reducing fan vibration means less sound radiation and quieter operation.

Gel-Mec Australia’s  new vibration fan mount range has been extended to cover more standard cooling fan sizes.

Properly used fan mounts can typically achieve a reduction in fan noise levels of 5-7dB(A) when compared to a hard mount or nuts and bolt solution.

To speed up assembly the new fan vibration mounts snap in through the chassis and fan mounting holes. Their unique design - resembling a golf tee - is engineered for pull through assembly.

Without additional tools and hardware, they easily tug into place and fasten securely. This removes the need for a bolt, washer and nut, which provide no energy control benefit.

Fan mounts suit small cooling fans from 3mm to 20mm mounting holes. Fan hole diameters start from 2.5mm. The fan mounts provide high-energy control, are soft and pliable but physically strong with good chemical resistance.

Gel-Mec Australia also has a range of cushioning foams, sheet damping and acoustic materials for die cutting into shock mounts, protective gaskets and sound barriers.

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