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Anti vibration mount for CCTV cameras available from Gelmec

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CCTV cameras rotate with the help of an internal motor. The problem is that motor vibrations can blur images or distort audio recordings.

A properly designed anti vibration mount can isolate the motor from the camera at critical points, reducing vibration.

Gelmec  Australia has a high damping vibration mount that can be fixed to the motor housing, halting vibration transfer.

Heat extremes, movement and vibration are everyday factors outdoor CSV’s need to withstand. They need to operate in higher or lower temperatures than a normal camera can function and be tested against harsh vibrations and shock.

Gelmec’s broad temperature vibration mount range can meet harsh temperature extremes.

Made from high damping thermoplastics the vibration mounts are available with specially designed fixing bolts that suit a M3 or UNC 6-32 fixing.

Once properly isolated the camera rotates without vibration, avoiding burred images, whatever the weather

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