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Anti vibration air conditioning mounts from Gelmac Vibration, Noise and Shock Control

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Noisy air conditioning units can conflict with environmental noise standards and annoy neighbours, residents and workers. To counteract this problem Gelmec Vibration, Noise and Shock Control 's now have a range of anti vibration air conditioning mounts available that are specially designed to help reduce HVAC noise dB(A) levels.

Vibrational noise from air conditioning units can transfer through the walls or ceilings they are mounted on. A row of aircon units can produce enough combined noise to interfere with people’s daily activities and become a serious headache for the building owner or tenant.

Gelmec Vibration, Noise and Shock Control's anti vibration air conditioning mounts are specially designed for soundproofing HVAC units. Constructed from a thermoplastic rubber composite, this material provides a good elastic body and vibrational damper.

The operation of these anti vibration air conditioning mounts remains constant even throughout sudden temperature changes, and a simple geometrical design supports dynamic performance and stability under lateral (sideways) forces.

These anti vibration air conditioning mounts come in three designs, all with an M8 thread and a height between 28mm - 35mm.

A male male stud mount design with a pin at each end suits a bracket to bracket fixing, and where the air-conditioning unit sits on the floor a simple foot style with top pin can be attached to a supporting bracket.

For uneven surfaces where a flat base plate is needed on the anti vibration air conditiong mount, a top pin levelling style solution is also available.

Air condition units are catered for from 20kg up to 200kg. All anti vibration mounts come with an M8 thread, hex nuts and washers.

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