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InLine leach reactors from Gekko Systems

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article image Original R&D prototype tested at Mt McClure in 1997
Gekko Systems  first launched its InLine Leach Reactor (ILR) in 1997.
One of the earliest commercial intensive leach production units in the world, the ILR was originally designed to treat high volumes of concentrate from the IPJ as a continuous unit. Subsequently, it was converted to batch operation and found widespread application in treating batch centrifugal concentrates in gold mines around the world.
Batch ILRs are particularly suited for high-grade low tonnage (less than 20 tonnes per batch), whilst their counterpart, the continuous ILR is suited to treat higher-volume and lower-grade concentrates (from half a tonne an hour upwards).
The world-leading ILR technology has been proven in Australia but was first embraced by Africa, which recognised the security benefits of replacing a shaking table with an enclosed intensive leaching unit.
Inline leach reactors are now used to treat both coarse and fine concentrate feeds and leaches in silver and gold mining applications. The very first prototype, R&D ILR is still in use at the Henty Gold Mine in Tasmania.
The first commercial ILR unit was installed in Africa at Ranger Minerals for the Abosso project. This year, a new generation ILR3000 batch automatic unit was installed and successfully commissioned with recoveries of 98-99% achieved on start-up.
Currently, over 100 ILR units are installed worldwide at all the major gold regions of the world. Intensive cyanidation has become a standard inclusion for engineered gold processing plants and increasingly common for silver.

Gekko conducts intensive leach test protocols on ore bodies amenable to leaching. This protocol was developed specifically for the capability of the InLine Leach Reactor. 

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