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Gravity/ flotation test protocols developed by Gekko Systems

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The IPJ and flash flotation processing methods from Gekko Systems remove gold or other minerals from a comminution circuit.
Being complementary technologies, the two methods have been, in many cases used together to maximise gold recovery in size ranges at which they operate. The combination of flash flotation and continuous gravity recovery covers the full size range from 10µm up to millimetres sizes. (Dominy, Murphy, Gray, 2011).
Utilising both the IPJ and flotation cells, Gekko has now developed a test protocol comprising of a Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI) crushing stage, followed by coarse gravity recovery and the use of flotation to recover fine particles unrecovered by gravity. This technique is expected to recover the minerals between the 100µm and 250µm size range where there is a crossover between the recovery capabilities of both gravity recovery and flotation.
Gravity separation will be used to recover mineral down to the 100µm size range, followed by the use of flash flotation to recover particles from the 150µm down to 10µm size.

The new protocol has been utilised in Gekko’s award-winning Python plant and differs from conventional test protocols, which recirculate the tails back through the crushing/grinding stages before reporting to the flotation cells. The Python was designed to treat ores with high amenability to a combination of gravity and flotation. The Python capability was based around coarse separations but is now being broadened to accept finer feeds and a wider range of mineral types.

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