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Gekko systems has released the Golden Fleece Bowl Liner

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Gekko Systems  has developed a bowl replacement system for all common batch centrifugal concentrators including the InLine Spinner and other gravity gold recovery devices.

The new liner system can be fitted to any existing BCC unit and replaces previous riffle system technology made of polyurethane, ceramic, rubber and stainless steel, and has greater wear durability and lower cost.

The product was designed in line with the company’s strategy to provide environmentally friendly mining equipment and processes and incorporates micropore technology with a grown organic microfiber.

“The bin liner system development has been based on research around the notion that even flow rate distribution promotes perfect dispersion of water flow in the concentration layer,” said Nick Katsikaros, Gekko’s Product Improvement Manager.

The new liner system uses a superfine sawtooth riffle profiled fibre which does not have the same deterioration after usage and regular replacement as previous models.

The ultra thin film technology is made possible by the lubricity of the dispersed water layer at the interface between injection water and slurry feed and is the secret to the super recovery achieved in trials.

High density particles are trapped in the micro-riffle whilst back pressure water generates a teeter-bed separation at the interface. The fabric is attached to a specially grown and perforated backing layer which promotes primary water dispersion as well as control back-pressure required for water flow control.

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