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Gekko invests in long-term initiatives to benefit clients

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Gekko Systems  is making several long-term investment decisions to establish world leadership in the development and application of advanced mineral recovery processes and operations.

A specialist in silver and gold mining, Gekko is extending its expertise to the base metal and coal sectors.

Determined to make a difference in the mining sector, Gekko is focused on delivering benefits for its clients and has identified four key trends in customer needs.

Key challenges facing Gekko’s clients include energy efficiency, achieving better returns from existing operations, effective installation and operation of cost efficient, pre-engineered plants, and access to high quality, experienced and well trained technical skills.

How does Gekko deliver?

Gekko develops strategic multi-tier relationships with clients, which allows key personnel to fully understand their needs at all levels. Gekko is vertically integrated and works with the client from the test work phase, right through to process design, engineering, construction, commissioning and operation.

Gekko explores with the client the characteristics of the ore, the potential recoveries and the economic benefit that the company’s technology can deliver. Gekko’s award-winning Technical Team is focused on investigating the mineralogical properties of the ore to deliver a highly energy efficient, cost efficient plant for the client.

Gekko has the ability to combine key technical knowledge with its unique proprietary equipment, lean manufacturing processes and operational capability. Consequently, a critical part of achieving Gekko’s mission is a focus on attracting, training and retaining the world-leading Technical Team.

Technical Leadership

A major challenge faced by many of Gekko’s clients is the perceived and real gap in availability of knowledgeable technical personnel both on and off-site. Technical leadership in Gekko’s key areas of global speciality is critical to the future of the company and the ongoing development of alternative flow sheets in the mining industry.

Low energy flow sheet design

  • Optimal mineral liberation and feed preparation
  • Comminution strategies
  • Pre-concentration and gangue rejection flow sheets
Low capex, small footprint plant design
  • Low capital and operating costs
  • Fast installations
  • Small footprint
  • Underground processing
  • Distributed processing
Unique technology and services
  • InLine Pressure Jig
  • InLine Leach Reactor
  • InLine Spinner
  • Python
  • Gekko Mag-screen
  • Gekko Advantage Plus Service Agreements
  • Global Detox Group
Operations and support

  • Technical, operations and R&D contracts
  • PLC
  • Fabrication
  • Electrical support
  • Spares management
Recent flow sheet developments into gangue rejection concepts and the application of other progressive and innovative technical ideas in reducing energy consumption and recovery at coarse particle size are keeping the team at the forefront of mineral processing development and application. Gekko continues its pioneering work in gravity concentrate leaching, electrowinning and detox circuits with the development of a world-class technical group led by Randy Agius.

Graduate Metallurgy Program

With an aim to provide clients access to some of the world’s best technical personnel, Gekko has initiated a graduate training program in 2012 centred on the critical areas of test work design and operation, site installations, commissioning and service visits. The graduates also participate in Gekko’s annual internal technical workshops where the latest developments are presented and shared by senior members of the team.

The program also recognises the importance of developing the graduates as metallurgists and process engineers, as well as professional leaders within the mining industry. Accordingly, soft skill development has been incorporated into the program. All six graduates of the 2012 program have been out to both national and international sites with two graduates being sponsored by Newcrest Mining and working a fly-in fly-out rotating roster at Newcrest’s Telfer mine in Northern Australia.

Investing in mining’s future – energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a significant and growing issue for the mining industry. Gekko has been instrumental in founding a not-for-profit entity, CEEC International to assist in accelerating improved energy efficiency outcomes. The Coalition for Eco-Efficient Comminution (CEEC) has the potential to significantly impact global electrical energy consumption.

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