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Gekko Systems releases new centrifugal concentrator

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Gekko Systems ’ InLine Spinner is a robust, simple, low maintenance batch centrifugal concentrator for gold concentration. The centrifugal concentrator was originally developed to upgrade concentrates from the InLine Pressure Jig which is a continuous gravity device.

Customer comments:

While Kurt Tiedemann was the plant metallurgist for Thunderbox he had this to say about the Gekko gravity circuit but particularly the InLine Spinner

"I am very impressed at the upgrade we get using our Gekko gravity setup (IPJ, ISP). Typical feed to the InLine Pressure Jig ranges from 8-12g/t, with a Spinner concentrate product of 3000-4000g/t. With the high recoveries of the ILR, this is a very efficient and reliable setup."

"I am also very impressed with the InLine Spinner. Typically upgrades of 5000% plus are seen from this simple, low maintenance unit" says Tiedemann.

"I am also very impressed with the InLine Spinner. a simple, low maintenance unit." Kurt Tiedemann, Plant Metallurgist.

Comparison to other bcc devices:

  • Zero water consumption, no requirement for high quality water addition
  • The InLine Spinner achieves recovery through creating a vortex on the face of the spinning bowl through the use of an adjustable cutting bar
  • Clearly additional flush water and high quality water is not required to run this unit. In some cases this may save additional water filtration costs

High availability - low maintenance:

The InLine Spinner has small number of moving parts, simple automation, start up shut down sequence, no requirements to clean narrow orifices.

Lower volume device:

The two units available have max capacity at 3 t/hr and 30t/hr reflecting their traditional focus on concentrate upgrade applications.

The Gekko InLine Spinner is targeted for smaller or multiple gravity circuit applications.

Works well on heavy concentrates:

The InLine Spinner is an ideal device to recover free gold from heavy material such as jig, table and spiral concentrates.

Unit recovery:

The unit recovery of the Spinner is good. Test work undertaken by Andre Laplante and Kundana during P420B AMIRA trials indicated that the Spinner recovery correlated really well to the GRG test work.

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