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Gekko Systems’ engineers reprogramme existing control system at Morila Gold Mine

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article image Morila Plant Manager Drissa Arama monitors ILR parameters

Randgold’s Morila Gold Mine are updating and upgrading their InLine Leach Reactor from an ILR1000CA to an ILR2000BA. This ILR has produced gold since May 2001 at rates varying between 200 oz/day and 2000 oz/day, depending on feed grade. It treats gravity gold recovered from three Knelson XD48 concentrators and is a critical component in maximising gravity gold recovery at Morila.

By converting their early model continuous ILR to a current configuration batch ILR Morila will realise the improved operability, which has been available since 2002 when the first batch ILRs were commissioned at Target Mine in South Africa and Kelian Equatorial Gold in Indonesia. Batch ILR are now the preferred option to treat up to 12 t/day of concentrate. The continuous ILR has also steadily developed since 2001 and remains the weapon of choice when treating more than about 1 t/h of concentrate.

The conversion has been carefully designed by Gekko Systems and Morila to minimise downtime and costs while maximising the benefits to site. Gekko Systems will provide some critical new components for the conversion but the majority of equipment will either be retained from the existing ILR or sourced from existing site spares. Gekko Systems' expert mechanics will perform the conversion while Morila staff will make the necessary piping modifications. Gekko Systems' engineers will reprogramme the existing control system for the new duty.

The decision to update the Morila ILR was taken by Drissa Arama, Morila Plant Manager, after considering the operability and performance of other batch ILRs in West Africa over the last 6 years, including Obuasi (2 units), Siguiri, Iduapriem, Sadiola and Chirano. Morila will join the upcoming West African batch ILR installations at Bonikro, Inata, and a third ILR at Obuasi.

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