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Gekko Systems celebrates ILR’s 10th year anniversary

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Gekko ’s patented InLine Leach Reactor (ILR) is a commercialised intensive leach technology.

The technology was developed to treat larger volume concentrates from Gekko’s first innovation, the InLine Pressure Jig. At that time, it was traditional to use tables to treat gravity gold concentrates posing both recovery and security threats.

Early trials and customer breakthroughs:

The first ILR prototype was designed and built in 1997. Metallurgical consultants such as Nick Moony and Rod Elvish played a critical role in the design and support of Gekko’s first on-site trial at Mt McClure Gold Mine. This was only 18 months after the establishment of Gekko in January 1996. Mine Manager, Ian Gipps and Mill Super, Mike Martin are still in contact with Gekko today. This trial unit went on to be installed at Kundana and, impressively, is still in operation at Barrick’s high-grade Henty Gold operation in Tasmania.

Jack Baxter, Gold Room Foreman at Henty has worked on six gold processing plants since 1988 and has run other intensive leach units, but the Gekko inLine leach reactor has been the one that stands out.

Jack has treated over 600 batches with good recovery due to the fact that there is no channelling in the solids bed, hence the leaching is faster and more thorough.

Another critical player in the growth and acceptance of the InLine Leach Reactor technology was George Potter (then Chief Metallurgist with Ashanti Goldfields in Accra, Ghana and now with Barrick, Toronto) who ordered five units for mine sites located in Ghana, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. The units were installed in by Gekko's Nick Katsikaros in 1999 and heralded a major step forward in the technology and strong support from the African subcontinent.

Key success factors:

  • ILR recoveries reliably +98% on many gold ores
  • Only unit that can treat fines as well as coarse gold concentrates
  • High availability
  • Both batch and continuous units designed to meet customer requirements
  • Fully automated and exceptional technical design and quality
  • Now over 65 units installed worldwide in 21 different countries
  • A real success story giving Gekko good reason to celebrate the ILR’s 10-year anniversary in 2007

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