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Gekko Systems adds inline spinner to batch centrifugal concentration technology market

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Gekko Systems has recently released their innovative inline spinner to the batch centrifugal concentration market to improve gold and heavy mineral recovery.

The inline spinner works by feediing slurry into the base of the spinning polyurethane bowl. Under operation, the slurry in the bowl swirls in a vortex, throwing the dense particles into the riffles located on the bowl's inside face. Cutter bars, operating parallel to the inner face of the bowl, create a turbulent zone that beneficiates recovery by allowing heavy particles to replace lighter particles caught in the g-force of the unit.

The riffle depth on the bowl's inside face is designed in such a way that the replacement or separation zone almost reaches the root of the riffle, which maximises the amount of heavy mineral recovered and minimises gangue recovery to the concentrate.

A fully automated system, the inline spinner features a simple yet robust PLC circuit that carries out all unit functions to allow hands free operation, and thanks to this automated operation the inline spinner has a 30 second dump cycle compared to the two minute dump cycle typical of other batch centrifugal concentration technology. This faster dump cycle offers the benefits of more uptime and the opportunity of more frequent dump cycles.

The key features and benefits of the inline spinner include:

  • zero water consumption - results in minimal impact on mill water balance for installations in grinding circuits
  • high recoveries for coarse and fine particles
  • lower running costs
  • grade recovery flexibility - rapid dump cycle allows more frequent concentrate discharge without losing unit availability, resulting in a greater ability to vary performance to achieve required grade recovery objectives
  • higher availability
  • proven performance - the inline spinner is comprised of focused and innovative design modifications on traditional metallurgical concepts, providing the ultimate combination in low risk, low cost and high performance equipment.
Suitable applications for the Gekko Systems inline spinner include:
  • hard rock
  • primary recovery circuits
  • bulk sample plants
  • alluvial gold plants; and
  • upgrading of concentrates.

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