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Gekko Systems’ Services Manager monitors InLine Leach Reactor

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article image Gekko Systems’ Services Manager visit Australia and Asia to monitor the InLine Leach Reactor
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Gekko Systems’  Services Manager, Leon Dickinson, has visited Australia & Asia to monitor the InLine Leach Reactor.

The primary focus of Leon Dickinson’s recent trips was to monitor the performance of Gekko Systems’ InLine Leach Reactors (ILRs).

Leon Dickinson observed 12 Inline Leach Reactors in action, some recently commissioned and some up to 10 years old.

During the 12 months that Leon Dickinson has been with Gekko Systems, he has prioritised visiting a large number of Gekko Systems’ customers on-site.

He has travelled approximately 52,000 miles and has visited more than 15 sites since August 2006. Whilst each operation is unique, often there will be issues common to many sites.

Leon Dickinson identified a trend in the performance capacity of the Inline Leach Reactors directly related to the maintenance programs undertaken by site operators.

Leon Dickinson is planning further trips this year to Central and South America, Africa and other Gekko Systems’ sites. He works with other members of the Gekko Systems’ team to cover all other sites around the world.

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