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Gekko Systems’ Inline Leach Reactor used for mineral processing

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Gekko Systems’  InLine Leach Reactor (ILR) at the Jundee site was installed in 2005 by Proteus Engineers for their mineral processing plant and has been achieving in excess of 90% recovery with over 95% availability for mineral processing.

The Inline Leach Reactor replaced the shaking tables that were originally installed in the plant.

The Jundee Inline Leach Reactor has operated with little downtime due to its simple design and good maintenance program by the gold room operators at Jundee.

The Inline Leach Reactor units require very little maintenance other than a daily grease and inspection (the same as any slurry pump) and run with very little operator input. All functions of the Inline Leach Reactor are controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC).

The PLC allows for changes to the program, as evidenced in 2006 when a separate water source was introduced to the circuit to minimise downstream issues. The program change was able to be completed offline and uploaded in a few minutes with no lost of production.

Greg Farrell, Process Superintendent at Jundee said that the solution clarity is very good with minimal floc addition and the gold room operators are all very happy with the Inline Leach Reactor and there has been very little maintenance required on the unit.

To achieve this outcome the Jundee site invested in a dedicated floc system to improve their solution clarity. In the post-installation period they optimised their reagent usage and saw the benefits of introducing a dedicated floc system as distinct from the generic plant floc.

All that was required was the addition of a small drum, an agitator, a pump and integration into the Inline Leach Reactor PLC.

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