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Gekko Resin Exchangers (G-REX) now available from Gekko Systems

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The Gekko Resin Exchangers (G-REX), available from Gekko Systems , use ion exchange resin to absorb valuable metal values from dirty cyanide leach solutions. With a jigging motion, the contactor suspends and transfers it from stage to stage. The resin exchange columns are suitable for solutions typically produced by an Intensive Leach Reactor (ILR), but also have applications for heap leach solutions.

The resin exchangers are selective for gold and silver from a gold/silver/copper cyanide solution, gold from a gold/silver cyanide solution and gold from a gold/copper cyanide solution. This feature of the resin means it can be applied to generate higher purity bullion.

The G-REX is a cost-effective alternative to activated carbon systems due to; the small footprint, does not require thermal regeneration, simple stripping process and long life of the resin.

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