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Batch controllers and load cells from Gedge Systems

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Gedge Systems  supplies a range of digital weight indicators, remotes and summing units. The GS1650Mk3/v2 is a W&M approved multi-interval and range digital weight indicator from Gedge Systems. The GS1650Mk3/v2 is designed for applications requiring Weights & Measures approval to 8500 divisions along with high accuracy and thermal stability. The GS1650Mk3/v2 from Gedge Systems is widely used on platform scales, weighbridges, silos and hoppers. The GS1650Mk3/v2 can also be used for uni-directional force measurement.

The SE02 IP68 Stainless Steel Enclosure from Gedge Systems is designed for many GS Indicators & Controllers. The SE02 IP68 Stainless Steel Enclosure is produced from thick two millimetre type 304-4 all welded stainless steel this gives it high strength and durability. The SE02 IP68 is permitted by W&M for use with the Gedge Systems’ GS1650 range of digital weight indicators in all trade weighing applications.

The GK2102 range from Gedge Systems is a quality shear beam load cell. The GK2102 from Gedge Systems is made from laser welded sealing to IP68. The GK2102 come in a number of capacities ranging from 125 kilograms to 20,000 kilograms. The GK2102 is widely used in silo weighing, industrial floor scales, batch weighing, hopper filling and level control, bagging and filling machines, inventory control by weight, shipping scales and overhead cattle scales.

Gedge Systems also manufactures a range of other, batch controllers, weight indicators and load cells and accessories.

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