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CNC mill turning and cylindrical grinding services from Gear Concern

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Gear Concern manufactures gears from materials like alloy steels, non ferrous metal and plastic. These gears are made using quality materials and hence they provide service for a number of years. These cost effective gears from Gear Concern provide value for money to the clients. Gear Concern also makes gears are on a breakdown basis with rapid turnaround times at competitive rates.

Machining services are required prior to gear cutting. Machining services results in the creation of gear wheels and gear shafts from raw materials. Various machining processes are used to remove the excess material.

The primary processes that are followed in machining are rough turning and milling followed by finish turning and milling. Drilling, tapping and gear cutting is followed by heat treatment. If the necessity arises the gears are finished off with gear grinding and/or cylindrical grinding. In many cases a normalising process is carried out after the rough machining process to lessen distortion that might creep in following the heat treatment processes.

Some of the machining services from Gear Concern are CNC mill turning, drilling, turning milling, keyway cutting and cylindrical grinding.

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