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Gates launches next gen mining hydraulic hose and coupling systems

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Hydraulic hose technology specialist Gates Australia announces a new integrated solution designed to meet the needs of modern day hydraulic systems.

As hydraulic systems become more advanced and engineered to deliver more power with greater working pressures, the importance of high quality, flexible, durable hose assemblies that won’t fail has never been more critical. 

Gates’ new MegaSys hydraulic hose and coupling system combines technology, performance and flexibility, aiming much higher than the minimum SAE specifications used by manufacturers as their performance benchmark. For impulse life, the wire-braid hose is tripled to 600,000 cycles and the spiral-wire is doubled to 1,000,000 cycles - three and two times the SAE specification respectively. The tests are conducted at tight bend radii; the spiral-wire hose is up to half the SAE minimum bend and the wire-braid hose to one third the minimum bend. All tests are performed in excess of the maximum working pressures by up to 133%, resulting in extended hose life, more flexibility, easier, tighter routing and an overall lower cost of ownership. 

Gates’ new MegaSys hydraulic hose and coupling system is ideal for mining applications, and is both FRAS and MSHA approved. 

Extended Service Life

With greater impulse life and reduced bend radii, the hydraulic hose life is now extended well above the industry standard. For the most arduous hydraulic applications MegaSys hose can be in service up to 2-3 times longer than other products on the market, even longer for lower pressure, lower impulse applications.

Reduced Cost and Downtime

With the tighter bend radii and improved flexibility, MegaSys hose makes for faster, easier routing, with shorter hose lengths, fewer couplings and adaptors. Combined with the extended hose life, the savings can be as much as 64 per cent. MegaSys reduces costs, inventory and plant downtime.

Simplified Hose Selection

MegaSys simplifies hose selection by providing one pressure across a complete range of sizes. Colour coding is used to make the selection even easier with one colour for each pressure. The available MegaSys pressures are 3250 PSI (blue), 4000 PSI (purple), 5000 PSI (red), 6000 PSI (orange) and 8000 PSI (yellow). The MegaSys constant pressure range makes for easier and safer identification in service.

Spiral-Wire and Wire-Braid Hose

MegaSys spiral-wire constant pressure hoses feature four alternating layers of spiralled, high tensile steel. The nitrile tube is suitable for use with biodegradable hydraulic fluids, which can otherwise be tough on conventional hoses as they permeate ordinary hose tubes, causing cover blisters and sweating/wetness, and resulting in premature and expensive hose failure. 

However, Nitrile is tough enough to handle aggressive biodegradable fluids and permits significantly less permeation than neoprene tubes when used with petroleum based oils. Spiral-wire hose temperature compatibility ranges from -40°C to +121°C.

MegaSys wire-braid constant pressure hoses feature two braids of high tensile steel wire with nitrile tubing suitable for use with biodegradable hydraulic fluids. Wire-braid hose temperature compatibility ranges from -40°C to +100°C.

Braided Solution for Coal Mining

Traditionally spiral-wire hose is the only option for high impulse, high pressure hydraulic applications. The choice is based on SAE specification, which dictates hoses of spiral-wire construction must achieve a minimum of 500,000 impulse cycles at extended maximum working pressures, either 120% or 133% depending on the SAE J517 100R hose series. Gates MegaSys hose offers a wire-braid alternative that exceeds the performance of many spiral-wire hoses.

Abrasion Resistance

A primary cause of hose failure on fluid power equipment is cover abrasion resulting from cuts, friction caused by other moving parts or from mechanical impacts. Exposed hose reinforcement is susceptible to rust and accelerated damage leading to failure. Gates’ abrasion resistant covers have been tested and found to last up to 300 times longer than standard rubber covers. The MegaSys hydraulic hoses are available with XtraTuff or MegaTuff abrasion resistant covers, which are tested by being exposed to conditions simulating the harshest operating conditions to prove they will stand up to the abuse, abrasion, oils, chemicals and weathering far beyond ordinary hoses. Abrasion resistant covers increase service life, lower maintenance and replacement costs, and eliminate the need for costly hose protectors such as spring guards and nylon sleeves. 

Gates MegaCrimp and GlobalSpiral couplings

The majority of hydraulic hose failures occur at the couplings, due to blow-offs or leaks. Gates has designed and engineered innovative, robust couplings specifically designed to crimp on Gates MegaSys hoses for guaranteed leak-free performance. With hose, couplings and assembly equipment from one manufacturer, all designed as an integrated solution, excellent operator safety is ensured while reducing plant downtime. Gates MegaSys complies with the Guideline for Fluid Power System Safety at Mines, MDG41.

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