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Gas detectors from Gastech Australia

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The MultiPro from Gastech Australia is a confined space gas detector that provides real-time readings of up to four gases at the same time. The MultiPro features a one button operation and calibration function, audible and visual alarms, an easy to read LCD display, event logger, IrDA port and an optional sample draw pump. The MultiPro from Gastech Australia features a rugged and compact design. The three sensors in the MultiPro lets the customer monitor O2, LEL and either CO or H2S. By using the innovative DuoTox a dual channel sensor from Gastech Australia the MultiPro will be able to measure CO and H2S simultaneously.

The ToxiLtd from Gastech Australia is a single sensor disposable gas detector with a two year life. The ToxiLtd features a large LCD display and an event logger that logs up to twenty incidents. The IQ Express Docking Station from Gastech Australia is an automatic bump test and calibration station for ToxiLtd.

The GT Land is a portable gas monitor for methane and other gases in landfills, trenches, vaults, bar holes, vents and other areas.

A number of other portable gas detectors are also available from Gastech Australia these include the ToxiPro, ToxiPro IQ Express, 95 Series, Genesis, GT 702, GTD Series and Innova.

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