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Gun kits and Envirosol spare parts offered by GasApps Australia

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A wide variety of gun kits are supplied by GasApps Australia by means of BOC network to handle a range of BOC products such as insectigas, pesigas, deodourgas, ripegas, pestigas and Co2.

GasApps Australia also stocks a complete range of Envirosol spare parts for all types of gun kits and fixed installations. Envirosol spare parts can be conveniently purchased through the BOC network.

Envirosol spare parts offered by GasApps Australia include a wide range of nozzles, sealing washers and hoses. GasApps Australia also carries a broad variety of adaptors, tube fitting and mounting brackets which are frequently used for installations of fixed systems.

A range of Envirosol fixed systems is manufactured and stocked by GasApps Australia. Envirosol fixed systems offered by GasApps Australia are appropriate for permanent installations in factories, warehouses and food stores.

Envirosol fixed systems have integral timers and can be planned to fire off outside working hours. Envirosol fixed systems can be fired off over the weekend or during the night.

Different types of Envirosol equipment offered by GasApps Australia include deodourgas nipple or nut made of brass, insectigas gun kit, Spigot deodourgas made of brass, Spigot insectigas and pestigas, brass nut pestigas and brass nut insectigas to name a few.

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