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The DA2010 gas detector for early hydrocarbon gas detection, from Gas Detection Australia

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Now available from Gas Detection Australia , the DA2010 is a compact, robust gas detector designed to give an early, audio warning of a build up of hydrocarbon gas in areas where gas would not normally be expected to be present.

Factory set and requiring no specialist installation, this gas detector is fitted with a sensor that can also be used to detect hydrocarbon gases such as methane (natural gas), butane (camping gas) and propane ( heating gas).

The DA2010 gas detector is fitted with a state of the art sensor device and associated electronics to detect gas levels at less than 10% of the lower explosion limit of the gas. The unit is full potted and can be connected directly to the mains by a mains power supply which is supplied with the sensor. The detector therefore can be readily moved from area to area.

When the gas level gets to the alarm level the internal buzzer will sound, automatically switching off when the gas falls back below the alarm level.

Key features of DA2010 gas detectors include:

  • low cost highly reliable sensor
  • methane, butane, propane detection
  • compact moveable sensor
  • independent power supply
  • no electrical wiring required - can be installed by owner
  • not affected by any other non hydrocarbon gases, changes in temperatures, or draughts.
Applications suitable for DA2010 gas detectors include:
  • kitchens - to detect gas stove tops left on and not ignited
  • heaters - to detect gas heaters left on when not ignited
  • under floor gas migration - from coal seams, gas fields and land fill
  • barbecues - to detect gas left on when not ignited
  • caravans (220vac or 24v dc version) 
  • trailers (220vac or 24v dc version)
  • gas storage - to detect leaking valves.

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