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GD4401 gas sampling system available from Gas Detection Australia

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The GD4401 gas sampling system, available from Gas Detection Australia , has been designed to meet requirements in certain areas where it is not cost effective or environmentally suitable to position individual hydrocarbon gas detection sensors.

Gas samples are sequentially drawn from each area through dedicated sample lines, these may be copper, stainless steel or nylon depending on the application and analysed by one infra red sensor inside the cabinet.

The GD4401 gas sampling system is designed for systems greater than 8 lines (maximum 56 lines). The sample manifolds are in blocks of 8. Special filters are included to remove any moisture or particulates. Special features are built in to detect flow failure on any line and to ensure that the sample pump does not ‘dead end’ when a line is blocked. The gas detection system is controlled by the 4400 series controller with options for setting alarm levels (2 per line) and sampling times for each line.

The straight forward user interface consists of 4 buttons and a 2 line 40 character LCD display. There are 16 user relays: one being dedicated to Fault, and the remainder being user configurable. The relays are all SPCO volt fee contacts (5A).

As an added safety feature, the GD4401 Gas Sampling System has an independent gas detector sensor to check for fugitive emissions inside the cabinet and to close the system down should an internal leak of gas be detected.

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