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Chain wire and garrison fencing from Garrison Fencing Company

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Garrison Fencing Company  is involved in manufacturing and installing industrial and commercial fencing. The fencing products supplied include sports fencing, garrison fencing, high security fencing, chain wire fencing.

Garrison fencing is a heavy duty security fencing method which offers long lasting security. The intrusion is made from the heavy duty tubular fencing and it is finished using an aggressive pointed top. This garrison fencing is available in a standard size of 2100mm height. Garrison fencing is also available from 1800 to 2400mm heights and these are made to measure between the pillars among the alignments.

Gates are also made according to the colour of fences using heavy duty hinges. Garrison fencing is powdercoated and is ideal for landscapes and buildings. It acts as a boundary solution for commercial and industrial sectors.

Chain wire fencing from Garrison Fencing Company offers versatile security for industrial sectors. This chain wire fencing is interwoven using wire mesh and it is available in various shapes, colours and sizes. This chain wire mesh is supported on steel pipe posts and it is fitted with rails at the top and bottom.

Chain wire fencing is ideal for security purposes and is topped with three strands of barbed wire. These gates are matched according to the fence and can be either swinging or sliding type, based on the available space. These are also made from powdercoated steel material.

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