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Sheetmetal and threading machines from Garrick Herbert

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Sheetmetal machines provided by Garrick Herbert include sheetmetal curving rolls, chassis hole punches, powered sheetmetal curving rolls, box and pan sheetmetal folder.

Box and pan sheetmetal folder can be mounted on to floors and they are made from heavy duty steel. The sectioned fingers can be removed easily for bending the box. Chassis hole punches from Garrick Herbert are used for cutting holes in sheetmetals. It is simple to use and larger holes can also be drilled.

A screw is inserted through the die or it can be placed through the hole present in the screw. Then, these screws are turned with the help of a spanner until the metal is cut.

Threading machines from Garrick Herbert include hand ratchet threader sets, roll groover; threading machine dies and dies heads, pipe and bolt threading machines and neat threading oil.

Pipe and bolt threading machines are designed for providing accurate threads which is used for most of the bolt and pipe applications and all the machines are provided with a footswitch. Bolt threading machine is made for threading rods and bolts. It has fast spindle speed than pipe threading machines. Threading of long and bent materials is performed by bolt threading.

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