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Pipe, rod, bar and tube benders from Garrick Herbert

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Garrick Herbert  manufactures and supplies a wide range of tools and machineries including pipe, rod, bar and tube benders, sheet metal machines, shears, punches, threading and grinding machines, wrenches, cutters and so on.

Pipe, rod, bar and tube benders include hydraulic pipe benders, angle bar benders, reinforcing steel and rod bender, electric tube bender, manual pool fence tube bender, electric pipe bender.

Hydraulic pipe bender is made from lightweight aluminium alloy which forms a large angle of arc to support the pipe during bending. An elliptical cross section is used to minimise the flattening of bend. Flexing process is eliminated during bending operation by using solid frame fabrication. Hydraulic ram is removed from the frame and it can be converted to 12 tonne jack.

Reinforcing steel and rod benders from Garrick Herbert are used to bend mild steel rods up to 16mm dimension. Angel bar benders are made from solid cast iron and graphite iron material for providing extra strength. The adjustable angle stop is used to bend the rods and a swivel bending plate adjusts the steel.

Manual pool fence tube bender is used for bending tubes for pool fencing and the standard unit is supplied with a roller suitable for a 5/8 inch diameter round tube. Electric tube bender is ideal for on site work, it is supplied as easy angle setting for repeated bends.

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