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Grinding machines and absorbants from Garrick Herbert

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Garrick Herbert  provides wide range of grinding machines, linishers, shears, punch and jennys, wrenches, cutters, pliers and so on. Other products supplied by Garrick Herbert include cutting oils and blades, absorbants, screwdrivers, pipes and tube equipment.

Grinding machines and linishers offered by Garrick Herbert include belt grinding attachments, belt and disc grinding machines, backstand idlers and heavy duty 8 inch bench grinder. Wrenches and cutters include rod cutter, pipe shears, bolt cutters, chrome adjustable wrenches and chain wrenches.

The heavy duty 8 inch bench grinder from Garrick Herbert is ideal for fitting belt grinding attachments. It has a unique adjustable oval eyeshield which comes with a magnifying glass. Other features include a coolant tray, cast tool rests, pre load bearings and heavy sheetmetal wheel guards.

Belt and disc grinding attachment from Garrick Herbert fits to most of the grinders ranging from sizes 150mm to 200mm. The size of the belt is 915 mm x 50 mm and the size of the disc used is 178 mm. These belt and disc grinding attachment is made from rugged cast material and it can easily be attached. The belts can be tracked easily without the help of tools.

Absorbants are of various types. Organic floor sweep absorbant is an eco friendly and fast acting organic absorbent, made from coir peat material. 90 percent of materials can be absorbed easily with in 10 minutes. It is light weight and spreads easily. These absorbents are harmless and free from dust particles.

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