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General-Service Gasket from Garlock Stops Leak in Coal Pulverizer's Inspection Port

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Garlock Sealing Technologies  is a major provider of high performance fluid sealing products for a diverse range of processing industries.  

Garlock Sealing Technologies presents a case study on their proprietary MULTI-SWELL, the industry’s first self-loading general-service gaskets.  


An inspection port for the lubrication system of a major utility’s coal pulverizer leaked continuously due to poor design and construction, combined with use of a conventional general-service sheet gasket.    

The port cover was secured by bolts too small to achieve sufficient load on irregular flanges, resulting in downtime and labour to replace leaking gaskets, bearing damage due to loss of lubrication, constant lubricant replenishment as well as safety concerns.  

Added to these were the costs associated with disposal of leaked oil as well as absorbent pads and desiccant.  

The general-service gasket was replaced successively by other types of gaskets, all of which leaked in a matter of weeks and in some cases, just days. These included two different general-service gaskets, a high-performance gasket, a corrugated metal gasket, two types of rubber gaskets and a vegetable fibre gasket.  


Garlock recommended its proprietary MULTI-SWELL gasket, the industry’s first self-loading general-service gasket. Conforming to irregular flanges, it creates its own load when it comes into contact with oil or water, ensuring tight seals even at lower loads.  


The port cover has been leak-free since the installation of the MULTI-SWELL self-loading gasket. Because it is not subject to the capillary action that causes conventional gaskets to leak, it eliminated loss of oil and significantly reduced maintenance costs.  

The utility now maintains a stock of the material, and is considering it for large pumps, gearboxes and turbine lubrication systems as well.

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